Kyle Sklenar, Owner

Kyle Sklenar, Owner


In July of 2012, Kyle Sklenar shot his first wedding.
Over the next year, he honed that craft, shooting five
weddings by the summer of 2013. As 2013 drew to a
close, wedding bookings began to pour in. Over those
next 12 months he realized he needed help. In the
summer of 2014, Matt Meade joined the team and
together they began creating what is now
ARO Videography.

As 2015 rolled in, Kyle and Matt realized they needed
more help with the ever growing demand. Over that next
year, Kyle began to slowly step back from shooting to
focus on the business and logistics full time. As of
January 2016, ARO employs four shooters and a full
time editor.

With ARO, you’re receiving expertise from years worth
of experience in the wedding industry, and years of
experience in cinematic filmmaking. Every film is edited
and polished by Matt and approved by Kyle. With this
approval process we guarantee every film to be
delivered with he highest of quality, and if it isn’t, we’ll
do everything in our power to make it right.

We love marriage, and we love love. We want to provide
a keep sake that will pass through generations as a visual
story and reminder of your love. We want couples to
be able to relive such a beautiful day for years to come.

If you have any other questions about the past five years,
or about our team, shoot us an email!